Welcome to tegamiya catalog page in English.
"tegamiya" is a paper artist in Japan.
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16. Koto  -book mark-

1. The bamboo garden

2. The sea side

3. The sweets

4. The European style building

These are made for the exhibition of books and paper goods at Kamakura.
The scenes in Kamakura are nostalgic and make our mind peaceful.


15. Melancholic Princess  -message card-

Each of this card is different at the point of a color and a pattern, so it is the only one.
The cards wrapped by the envelope made by a thin color paper will give you a gorgeous impression.

size of the card / 105 × 45mm 
1set : 1 card and 1 envelope

14. Daydream of Circus  -message card with mobile -

The recipient of this card can enjoy displaying the paper ornament and never forget the sender and the special day.
※This item is fragile specially.
The papers used for the envelopes are made in Czech, so these colors are changed by paste.
I hope that my customers enjoy this change.

size of the envelope / 105 × 85mm 
1set : 1 ornament and 1 envelope and 1sheet

A. the mascot on the rolling ball

B. the lion of the midnight

C. the fairy on the unicycle

D. the head with the smart mustache

13. Matryoshka -letter set-

The sheets shaped a matryoshka are numbered 1 to 6.
It is good to use all of them at once, and to use a single too.

size of the biggest sheet / 210×100mm
1set : 1 envelope and 6 sheets

12. Little Bag for Picnic with a Dwarf  -little paper bag-

This is a very small paper bag for a small gift.

A:red B:green (about the handle)


11. One Tear from Mermaid -mobile-

Each object is made of paper without a tear made of plastic.
They will dance in the air in your room.
※This item is fragile specially.

10. March -letter set-

When you get the sheets printed the illustration of the marching band into the envelope shapes the house, it will appear at the window.

A:red B:bluegreen (about the envelope)

size of the envelope /155×110mm
size of the sheet /205×148mm
1set : 1 envelope and 3 sheets

09. Circus at Midnight -message card-

The message card shaped a circus can be stand and display.

size of the card /140×102mm
1set : 1 envelope and 1 card