Welcome to tegamiya catalog page in English.
"tegamiya" is a paper artist in Japan.
More info (Japanese) >> http://tegamiya.blogspot.com/


-About the products of Tegamiya-

●All of my products are handmade: design, printing, cutting, assembling ...
So there is some possibility of that a product is different from others of the same item at the point of the shape or the color or the condition of printing.
I hope that my customers enjoy this difference.

●There is some possibility of that the material or the shape or the color of the product must be changed without asking permission because of stocking or changing cost of materials or other reasons.

●I would like you and my customers to handle the products carefully because these are fragile.
(I will repair it if the defect of the products is caused by my fault clearly. )

●The size showed at the explanation of each of the products is an approximately size.












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